What if Paul Revere had said, “I have out-of-town company this week. If only the British were coming next week!”

What if Paul Revere had said, “I’ll go for a ride, but only within a 2 mile radius. I don’t like to be too far from home.”

What if Paul Revere had said, “I’m feeling a little tired tonight—I’d better not push it.”

What if Paul Revere had said, “What difference will it make? The British hold all the cards, and they’ll win no matter what I do?”

Of course, Paul Revere said none of those things. Instead, he leapt onto that horse, and paved the way for America to be born. It took courage, dedication, belief, and prioritizing. It took selflessness, patriotism and faith that “one man can”. It took an ordinary man, doing an extraordinary thing.

We here in California have arrived at our own Paul Revere moment. Reports coming in after Tuesday’s primary indicate that something big occurred to alter voter rolls such that no small numbers of voter were disenfranchised.

  • Names of long-time voters were removed.
  • Party affiliations were changed.
  • Requested party affiliation change requests were not honored.
  • Voters were changed to mail ballot voters without their knowledge or request.
  • Mail ballot voters did not receive their ballots.
  • Excessive numbers of voters were forced by circumstances into voting provisionally
  • At polling places, essential election code protections of ballot security and voter privacy were being ignored.

The situation needs to be addressed, diagnosed, exposed and repaired before November.

And then, mid-September through the end of November, armies of trained California citizens need to at the polls and at the vote counting centers, at the early voting centers and at the ballot drop-off centers, assuring themselves and all Californians that the law is being followed, that citizens are casting secret and private ballots free of the manipulation, influence, intimidation and carelessness that mar the integrity and diminish the public trust in our electoral process.

What will we say?

  • Will we have the courage, dedication, belief, and ability to prioritize wisely?
  • Will we be selfless, patriotic and firm in our belief that we can, one by one, make a difference?
  • Will we, the ordinary citizens of California, step up to do extraordinary things?

 Will we be Paul Revere?

As surely as there was no tomorrow for Paul Revere if America were going to become a country, there is no tomorrow for us today if our Republic is going to survive.

If we do not do what it takes now to tackle the corruption in our electoral process, then government of the people, by the people and for the people in California will be gone for good.

If we do not recognize our Paul Revere moment, and answer the call between now and November, we may well have made an irrevocable choice. Let’s get our priorities straight.

When Paul Revere warned, “The British are coming!”, colonists knew what to do because they had been preparing and planning. Today, those who would destroy the fairness and honesty of our electoral process and destroy our Republic ARE COMING; actually THEY ARE HERE. Election Integrity Project is shouting the warning. We have been preparing and planning, and are ready to lead the way.  All we need is YOU.