Because thousands of citizens in California took the time to learn the election codes designated to govern the election process in the state, we were able to document the incredible fraud and lawlessness that took place in polls all over the state on the Election Day.

The Election Integrity Project has documented that California’s noncompliance with both state and federal law has opened the door to fraud and is disenfranchising California citizens by making it possible for those who are willing to take advantage of the broken system to manipulate the election process.


polling booths


Some of the issues that were called in one week ago were:

  • Polling locations closed, forcing voters to vote with a Provisional ballot
  • Voters did not receive their Vote-by-Mail ballot, forcing them to vote with a Provisional ballot.
  • Voters changed to Vote-by-mail status without their knowledge, forcing them to vote with a Provisional ballot if they wanted to vote in person.
  • Voters are NOT told that Provisional Ballots are counted LAST, can take up to three weeks or longer to be processed, and are most vulnerable to error and manipulation of any type of ballot!
  • Large numbers of people were permitted or required to vote at tables or other non-private and communal settings, allowing for electioneering and/or intimidation; this practice violates at least TWO election laws.
  • People claiming to be from the Registrar’s offices showed up at polls and were given access to voted ballots that were not protected in Vote-by-Mail or Provisional envelopes.
  •  These voted ballots were allowed to be removed from the polls without being put into a locked container.
  •  These voted ballots were allowed to be transported without following the two-person chain of custody requirement.
  • Authorities from the DA and County Council were informed that three men were viewing and sorting actual voted ballots and then putting them into open cardboard boxes but did not send anyone to the poll to investigate.

We have begun processing the reports that are coming in from volunteers across the state. We need to hear from every citizen who voted in the General Election to help us get a strong report of what took place in California on November 8th.

If you are a voter who experienced or witnessed procedures that were of concern to you, please contact the Election Integrity Project at

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We have begun processing observer reports and witness statements that began flowing in even on Election Day. We will need to analyze the reports to determine the extent of unlawful votes cast and counted.

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Thank you for your commitment to fair and honest elections!

Linda Paine
President and Co-founder
Election Integrity Project