How to Reset your Password


Click on “Login into your Account”

At the top right side of the website, there’s a red button with the verbiage “Login into your Account”, click on it.


Click on “Lost your password?”

While in the login page, a block to input your username and password will be displayed.

At the bottom-right part of this block there’s a link with the verbiage “Lost your password?”.

Click on it.


“Username or email”

A block in your screen will appear. This screen will ask you to type in your username or email (in our website your email is your username).

Type in the email you used while registering to our website.

Click on RESET PASSWORD when you’re done typing.

Make sure you spell your email correctly, if you fail on spelling it correctly this process will not work.


“Password reset email has been sent.”

If you entered a correct and valid email, you will see the confirmation message in your screen “Password reset email has been sent.”

Please wait at least 10 minutes before attempting another reset.


“Password Reset for Election Integrity Project”

Check your email inbox for an email from Election Integrity Project. “Password Reset for Election Integrity Project.”

Click on the link saying: “Click here to reset your password.” Doing this you will prove to the website you are the owner of the account and your identity is verified.

Make sure to also check your SPAM/JUNK folder. Some email settings may cause this email to be filtered into these folders.


New Password

Type in your new password.

This is case sensitive. Please make sure this is something you will remember or make sure you save this password somewhere accessible to you whenever you need it.

We strongly recommend to not copy and paste passwords. This may cause the involuntary enter of unnecessary/unwanted characters such as white spaces of other special characters that may make your password not work in the future.

Click on SAVE when you are done typing your new password.


“Your password has been reset”

Your password has now been reset and you should be able to login into your account.

As a reminder, passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure you type the correct password while trying to login.