How does it feel to be the unwanted stepchild, the orphan, the curable patient no one wants to connect to life support? Californians KNOW, because we have been abandoned by the rest of the country.

There are a few organizations working on a national level to address the pervasive problem of vote fraud and election corruption, and they do excellent work. They have our gratitude and deep respect.

BUT…the reality is that NO national organization has yet turned its attention to the desperate plight of California’s citizens, victims one and all of a massively corrupt and broken electoral system that disenfranchises every legitimate voter in the state.

California’s 55 Electoral College votes and large number of federal representatives is an irresistible prize. Those who would take power through systemic manipulation have recognized that fact, and have wrapped their controlling tentacles around the electoral process so tightly that legitimate California voters are all but choked out of relevance.

It remains a mystery why those national organizations so dedicated to fair and honest elections have not amassed unprecedented efforts to help undo that damage here in our great state.

But Californians need not abandon all hope. What no one will report is that the people of California have been bravely fighting back on all fronts, and continue to do so undeterred. While the national organizations have relegated us to the ashes of a burnt-out hearth, California citizens, like Cinderella, are empowering themselves by uniting under the leadership of the ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT, and are unapologetically attending the ball!

If we are to overcome the guards at the gate, and the resistance of those who would keep us “in our place”, we must be undaunted in spirit and massive in number. There is no tomorrow. The time is now.

While we can always hope that the more well-funded and legally armed national behemoths will notice the beautiful new princess at the ball and aid in her struggle to be free of oppressive forces, she must still fight for herself. ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT is the ONLY organization in California history to do what we are doing. We are taking up arms “against a sea of troubles” and hope that we can, “by opposing, end them”.

JOIN US!! And bring with you everyone you know who is disturbed, frustrated, disheartened, disillusioned or just concerned about the fact that the voice of California citizens is no longer fairly expressed in our electoral process.

We can continue to make a difference, but only with your PARTICIPATION. Share this article far and wide, and urge people to contact us NOW.

CLEAR YOUR CALENDARS and make poll working or observing (WITH FULL EIP TRAINING) a top priority for November. There is no greater cause.