Obamacare’s failed tech firm to build CA voter registration database

Vendor selection raises questions concerning propriety of award. Few voters know that California is the only state in the nation without a federally-required centralized state-wide voter registration database, as mandated in 2002 by the federal government’s Help America Vote Act. What they also don’t know is that the state has now hired a questionable firm to build that database. In […] Read more »

Debating the facts about AB 817

A few articles have recently been posted on the internet extolling the virtues of AB 817, the bill that will allow non-citizens to be Poll Workers in California, and attacking EIP’s efforts to oppose the bill.  The supportive “arguments” for this bill are preposterous, laughable and offensive to most naturalized citizens and frightening to all citizens who are concerned about […] Read more »

Only in California: “No-Borders” activists mobilize to let non-citizens run elections

In a state with no voter ID and only an “honor system” preventing voter impersonation and non-citizen voting, California’s “no-borders” activists are now promoting a bill that allows non-citizens to act as polling place officials. The groups, including Advancing Justice LA and the Kat of the Kings blog, support the bill, known as AB 817, because it allows non-citizens to […] Read more »