Vote by Mail Concerns, Part 5

November 4 is just a few days away!

If you are a vote-by-mail voter still in possession of your ballot, you must mail your ballot early THIS week…no later than Oct. 28th if you want to be sure that your ballot arrives at the Registrar of Voter’s office before the deadline….which is 8:00 p.m. on Election Day…November 4th.

Consider the unintended consequence of waiting too long and mailing your ‘voice in government’ via your vote-by-mail ballot just late enough that it arrives the day after Election Day.

* The LA Daily News reported that “In the state’s June 3 primary, Los Angeles County received about 2,400 mail-in ballots after the election-day deadline, the close of polls, making them ineligible to be tallied. The number of latecomers invalidated in Santa Cruz County was nearly 600, all postmarked on or before the election.”

Do not let this happen to you.

  • Drop your ballot off in person at the County Elections Office or satellite collection centers between now and Election Day.
  • Take your ballot to any polling place on Election Day and submit it there. If you have an assigned polling place, go to there and surrender the ballot and vote in person!
  • Authorize a family member or member of your household to drop your ballot off for you on Election Day. Be sure you have both filled out the envelope fully.

Make sure your vote counts!

* Los Angeles Daily News
“Thousands of mail-in ballots too late to count in California elections”
By Michael R. Blood, Associated Press
Posted: 06/16/14, 5:15 PM PDT |

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