Vote by Mail Concerns, Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this series have only just begun to disclose the myriad concerns with respect to vote-by-mail ballots. Election Integrity Project research has uncovered coordinated efforts to duplicate voters’ registrations, changing mailing addresses of voters and re-registering in-person voters to vote-by-mail voters. The voters whose mailing addresses are altered in the records will not be the ones to receive the ballots intended for them, and unless they are vigilant and report a missing ballot in time, their vote will almost certainly be stolen. Voters changed to vote-by-mail without their knowledge will not even know to be vigilant, and will be blind-sided on Election Day when they are informed at the polls that they are recorded as having been sent a vote-by-mail ballot. Policies in the county offices facilitate the success of these efforts. When the County Elections Office receives a form requesting some change in a current registrant’s status, the signature on the new form is generally NOT compared to the signature originally on file for that voter before the change is made! Little effort is made to verify that the request is coming from the legitimate owner of that registration. Imagine if this were to happen to you. If you have not checked your registration on the County Elections Office website to catch the change, you will arrive at the polls on Election Day and be told that you must vote provisionally because you are listed as a vote-by-mail voter. Of course, in this example your mail-in ballot has been submitted long before Election Day by someone at the false mailing address, and has been counted, thus nullifying the provisional vote you cast. And BINGO—your vote has just been stolen. Remember, this is not conspiracy theory. There is currently a case pending with the District Attorney in one county, and similar efforts are likely to be discovered in other counties. Do not be a victim. Protect your vote as best you can. Remove yourself from the vote-by-mail list if you have the choice to do so. And check the County Elections Office website often for any unwanted changes in your registration information. SPREAD THE WORD—friends don’t let friends vote by mail.