To All Californians

To All Californians: It is clear from the three articles linked below that election fraud is alive and well! Read them, weep and then ACT. Since 2010, Election Integrity Project has been successful in exposing many significant issues in California and in making wrongdoing more difficult in our elections.

  • Counties cleaning voter rolls, and adopting our methodologies
  • 30,000+ deceased and 37,000+ duplicates removed from Los Angeles County voter rolls
  • Excessive and unnecessary provisional ballots prevented through education and oversight
  • Investigation into California’s non-compliance with election law by the CA Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights
  • And much more…..

But there is a great deal left to do.  Together we can do it. The best and most effective ground game in the nation has driven the successes we have achieved. To continue and expand the victories, we must have historic participation by all concerned Californians. We need:

  • Your prayers
  • Your presence at the polls as workers and observers
  • Your financial support

To be effective in protecting the integrity of the electoral process, it is crucial that citizens work in the polls or observe the election process with Election Integrity Project training. Make plans now to be involved in your county. To be effective in training thousands of citizens, the Election Integrity Project must raise funds to print training materials. Please take action now and help the Election Integrity Project in California continue to provide citizens with the tools we need to ensure a fair and honest election.

The Daily News

3 Examples of Voter Fraud Across US

By:  Jason Sneed


Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud Happened in State Primary (VIDEO)

By: Amanda Girard


How to Hack an Election

By: Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis