The Election Integrity Project continues to provide non-partisan electoral system education and oversight throughout the state of California. Our success depends on community involvement and hard working volunteers. You can make a difference by joining us in advocating for fair and honest elections in California. See below for ways you can make a difference in your community:

educateLearn About The Issues

Learn about the California Elections Code and the Elections process. Take a moment to read our preliminary report and learn more about the issues observed during our California Elections. Visit the Resources page to get started and don’t forget to stay informed by signing up to receive our email updates.

speakupAct On Legislation

Make a difference in five minutes or less by taking action on key California State Elections related legislation. Write an email, send a fax or make a phone call. Not sure how the legislative process works? Visit the Legislative Process page to learn more or take action today by visiting the Act On Current Legislation page.

communityParticipate In Your Community

Help spread the word about the need for fair and honest elections in your community. Let your family and friends know that they can make a difference by volunteering at the polls on Election Day or by starting or joining an EIP team in their county. Fill out a volunteer application to get started.

socialNetwork Online

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Make a difference by using social media to educate your family, friends and community about elections related issues.