Prepare NOW for a Fair and Honest Election in November

August 24, 2016

Prepare NOW for a Fair and Honest Election in November

Concerns that the election system is rigged are resonating with citizens far and wide! All the more reason for citizens to get involved right now!

Be Aware:

Election Day, November 8, 2016, is going to be a trying and difficult day for voters and for poll workers.

Besides deciding on what candidates to vote for, Californians will be wading through an unprecedented number of statewide initiatives, in addition to (for most people) a large number of local initiatives. Ballots will be long, 2 pages or 2 cards in most cases.

This means that potentially there will be longer and slower lines at the polls, and a heightened level of confusion on the part of voters and workers alike. In addition, recent talk of “rigged” and “stolen” elections and the contentious atmosphere may attract numbers of untrained individuals to descend upon the polls as “vigilante” observers with no idea what to do or how to do it.





Poll Workers:

If you are going to be a poll worker in November, Election Integrity Project (EIP) urges you to take our training as an addition to whatever training is required by your county, as our training is considerably more thorough and will give you much more confidence in your role.

Poll Observers:

Since 2011 the Election Integrity Project has trained approximately 5,500 citizens to see that laws and processes are followed, and to maintain order and sanity by their very presence. There are very real concerns that this election may be affected by numerous efforts to manipulate or control the outcome. Citizens, trained to recognize our lawful election processes, are needed to be…

  • in as many polls as possible to observe the election process
  • at every Registrar’s office to observe the vote count during the full 30 days after Election Day
  • ready to contact the Election Integrity Project if there are problems

The Election Integrity Project urges ALL CITIZENS who are not working in the polls to become EIP-trained poll observers, and to recruit as many people as possible to join you.


Reach out to everyone in your community and invite them to join you

 in protecting the integrity or the election process.


You may even knock on some neighborhood doors and bring in some new people at this vital time in our history. Your ingenuity and legwork will make a huge difference.

Remember that you can observe where and when you prefer, and that even 10-15 minutes can make an enormous difference. The EIP Training will show you how.

In-person Poll Observer training:

It is up to each community/county to come up with people who will take the initiative and responsibility to provide the training using EIP’s training DVDs. There are requirements for the person facilitating the training since that person will be given electronic materials that can be disseminated to those who complete the online Volunteer Agreement. If you would like to facilitate one or more trainings in your area, inquire at

Observer Training on the EIP website:

Residents of counties and communities that do not have in-person trainings available to them have two training options online at You may choose one or both of these options:

  • Full observer training in convenient 10-15 minute segments that may be watched at your own pace.
  • Single-Issue training – for those who want shorter training and a limited (more focused) observation role

Get started NOW:

Observer trainees must set up an account, complete the online Volunteer Agreement, and pay a $20 donation in order to have access to any and all training videos. After they finish the training, they will then be able to download and print the training manuals. They will also be able to go through each training video as often as they feel the need to review.

Someone from the Election Integrity Project will be in touch with everyone who completes our training through the in-person classes or on the website. Together we will work to help you select where to go on Election Day. To support you, we will be providing a statewide hotline to help with issues in each county.

We the People, as always, are the only answer to any problem that society may face. Helping to secure a fair and honest election is a high calling indeed.





Support the Election Integrity Project:

EIP is a grassroots, all-volunteer, citizen organization. In order to continue our work, we need your financial support. Please consider making a donation today.

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