Legislative Alert!! Your Immediate Action is Needed

Three bills have been proposed in the California Assembly that need our immediate and continued support!! AB 2065 – Support AB 2065 would go a long way to addressing two of Election Integrity Project’s major concerns with respect to last year’s AB 1461 (California’s New Motor Voter Law). AB 1461 mandates that the identification information of anyone doing business with the DMV (new license, license renewal, replacement license, address change) would be required to be uploaded to the Secretary of State as a voter registration unless the person specifically and in writing requests to “opt out”. Not only does that force citizens who may choose not to engage in the political process, as is their right, to be registered unless they are aware of how opt out and take the trouble to do so, but it introduces the specter of people not eligible to vote (non-citizens, felons) unwittingly or purposefully being added to the voter rolls. This not only bloats the rolls, it allows for three negative consequences: Easy voter impersonation (stealing of votes) of people who have no intention of voting but who have become registered through no positive action on their part Votes being cast by people ineligible to vote; note also that AB 1461 includes a clause that says that anyone registering and/or voting while ineligible will NOT be prosecuted—the error will be the sole responsibility of the State!!! Immigrants on track to gain citizenship who become registered in error—which could happen without their knowledge—would still be held responsible by federal law and lose the opportunity to earn their citizenship; this is a very detrimental element of the law for potential new citizens   AB 2065 would:

  1. Change the law from an “opt out” back to an “opt in” system of registration, thus reducing or eliminating the probability of people becoming registered because of their ignorance of the law or their unwillingness to proactively decline in writing
  2. Require the DMV to upload to the Secretary of State’s voter database registrations ONLY of people who have provided adequate proof of citizenship (the DMV is already required to be presented with proof of citizenship and residence status prior to issuing any license, so this does not add any further requirement to the DMV or to license applicants, but is does protect the voter rolls from non-citizen registrations)

  AB 2067 – Support AB 2067 is similar to AB 2065 in that it requires the DMV to verify the citizenship of applicants before uploading voter registration information to the Secretary of State. It does not address the other two “fixes” introduced by AB 2065, but should also be supported.   AB 2433 – Support AB 2433 would require California’s Secretary of State to enter into agreements to share information or data with other states or groups of states for the purpose of voter roll maintenance. This mandate would go a long way to eliminate from voter rolls people who are registered (and perhaps voting) simultaneously in two or more states. AB 2433 includes language that would protect the confidentiality of voter information. AB 2065 and AB 2067 may be heard in committee as early as March 19, so your letters, faxes and phone calls to the bills’ authors are needed SOON. If they can show evidence of public support when the bills are considered in committee, there is greater chance that the bills will eventually receive a full Assembly vote. Contact information is provided below. Please actively support these three excellent voter protection bills!! Remember—organizations can also send a message of collective support. Contact the groups of which you are a member and consider an organization-sponsored message. Also, send a message to your own Assembly representative to be on the lookout for these bills when they come up on the Assembly floor. Urge your representative to join you in supporting all three.   AB 2065 Author: Assembly Member Harper State Capitol, Room 2002 Sacramento, CA 94249-0074 Phone: 916 319-2074 Fax: 916 319-2174   AB 2067 Author: Assembly Member Harper State Capitol, Room 2002 Sacramento, CA 94249-0074 Phone: 916 319-2074 Fax: 916 319-2174   AB 2433 Author: Assembly Member Travis Allen State Capitol, Room 4015 Sacramento, CA 94249-0074 Phone: 916 319-2072 Fax: 916 319-2172