An Effective Elections Observer is a trained observer!

An Effective Elections Observer is a trained observer! – PDF Version

September 1, 2016

Supporters of Fair and Honest Elections,

With the 2016 election just around the corner, fears of “rigged” machines and election manipulation are widespread. Calls for are coming from both sides of the aisle for Citizen Observers to help keep the system true to the voice of the people.

Election Integrity Project is both thrilled and alarmed. Observation makes a huge difference if it is done correctly and within the law. But if people go out to observe the election process not knowing what to look for, or what to do when something seems wrong, their observation does little good, and can do potential harm if they ignorantly step beyond the bounds of lawful observation.

An effective elections observer is a trained observer.

Although Californians do have the right to freely observe every aspect of the election process, citizens in 30 of the 50 states citizens cannot just show up and observe, but have to be specifically assigned by one of the parties or other approved organizations. Imagine what could happen if they go out to observe, unaware of the legal limitations in their states!!

The Election Integrity Project needs your help today so that we can be effective in preventing election manipulation and in spreading correct information to citizens eager to participate in overseeing the election wherever they reside. Please do the following four things:

  • Become a trained observer yourself, and bring friends and family along! Training is available in convenient segments on our website: Get started today!
  • If you know anyone who is planning to be a poll worker in California, strongly encourage that they take our training. The training given them by the Registrar of Voters in their counties is inadequate in that they do not include training in the election laws. The EIP training will be a highly beneficial asset to their preparation.
  • Tell your friends in other states about our training, and encourage them to take it. While election laws vary from state to state, our training will give them a general sense of what is involved in observing, and let them see what questions they need to ask in order to observe lawfully in their own states.
  • Donate whatever you can to the Election Integrity Project today at We need to spread this word, and with your help we can avoid the chaos on Election Day that will result if citizens remain overly-zealous and under-informed.


Linda Paine
President and Co-founder
Election Integrity Project