Calling all California Citizens!!

Since its founding in December of 2010, Election Integrity Project has accomplished tremendous successes on behalf of the citizens of California. This has been possible primarily because of the thousands of patriots who have stepped up to go through the Election Integrity Project’s training program and then observe and document what is taking place in California’s election process in counties across the state. Because of the evidence provided by Election Integrity Project researchers and Observers, elections officials all over the state have improved their voter roll maintenance methods and their poll worker education programs and materials. Also because of the evidence produced as a result of this documentation and research, the United States Commission on Civil Rights conducted an investigation into California’s electoral process; their report will be published soon, and it will show just how deeply corrupted California’s electoral process has become, and how Election Integrity Project is effecting change. Because of the participation of so many Californians, Election Integrity Project continues to work tirelessly to expand our impact on the integrity of each and every election in the state. MORE THAN EVER we must come together and increase our numbers. Regardless of your physical or time restrictions, there is something you can do. Election Integrity Project encourages every citizen who can to take their county’s training and work in the polls. The process is simple:

  • Go to the website of the Registrar of Voters in your county
  • Download the Poll Worker Application and either print it, fill it out and mail it in, or submit it online.
  • If your application is not acknowledged by the Registrar’s office within a few days, contact the office and make sure your application has been received and processed.
  • Do not allow yourself to be ignored. Contact Election Integrity Project if you are unsuccessful in hearing from your Registrar’s office.

Note: Citizens have the right to participate in our own election procedures, so you should be chosen BEFORE noncitizens are assigned to work in polls in your community. You will all need to apply officially to your Registrar’s office and attend the county’s training. In addition, Election Integrity Project urges you to complete our more thorough training so that you will have all the tools to oversee a lawful, fair and honest election process. Election Day is a long and tiring day for poll workers, but if you get together with a group you can expand your options. It’s called “adopting a poll”.

  • Any group such as Sunday school class, book club, patriot group, neighborhood watch, coffee klatch, etc. can approach the county Registrar’s office and ask to adopt a poll in their community by guaranteeing to provide at least four qualified citizens who will commit to taking the county poll worker training and then staff their selected polling place.
  • Check with your county Registrar to find out if you can recruit six to eight people to allow for unexpected challenges in scheduling. This will give you flexibility to share hours and lighten the load.

NOTE: If you have more than the lawful requirement to staff a polling location, you will not receive more than that number of stipends; therefore, your group will need to agree to share the stipends. Election Integrity Project needs as many observers as possible. Election Integrity Project encourages those who cannot or do not wish to be official poll workers to choose from the variety of Election Integrity Project training programs and become Observers. Whether you have one hour or an entire day, we need your participation. Please SPREAD THE WORD. You are our best recruitment tool, and California needs as many trained volunteers as possible to observe the election process and provide critical information to the Registrar’s office. Share your excitement about it and round up everyone you know. Watch for training opportunities in your county and on the Election Integrity Project website. We have expanded our training and observing opportunities!! And we are developing online training videos to give volunteers more options and shorten in-person meetings.

    1. Traditional Observer – full training; defined period of time at selected polls

Training – either: Watch all required training videos online at your own pace and attend a brief (1 hour or less) training for review of local ROV and Election Integrity Project policies and procedures… ….OR Attend full 4-hour training in your county

    1. Single Issue Observer – roving observer for one specific violation

Training: Watch brief online training video relevant to the issue you have selected to observe, and connect with your Election Integrity Project County Coordinator, Community Coordinator or Corporate Office to volunteer in your community.

    1. Ballot Processing Observer – oversee processes at the county elections office at your convenience over a period of almost two months

Training: Attend an in-person 1.5 hour local training to get training on what to look for and how to report what you have observed.