CA Voting 101 – 01: Special Edition

Welcome to CA Voting 101—Special Edition

Are You Ready for Election Season?

There is often great anticipation leading up to Election Day. Parties and gatherings are held, and often almost before the festivities get started, contests are “called” and it’s over. Another election “in the bag”. It is this focus that allows the system and its abusers to retain control and potentially manipulate elections. Election Day is only the tip of the iceberg.

Citizens need to learn to think in terms of an Election Season.

In California, mail ballots are posted 29 days before Election Day. From that point on, citizens need to be vigilant. ON THAT DAY:

  • Early voting begins at the elections office, and the process needs to be observed.
  • Within days, ballots begin arriving back at the elections office and processing (verification) begins. Trained observers are needed to assure that all validation steps are followed, and that signatures are correctly verified.
  • A large team of trained Observers is vital to be present in as many polls as possible on Election Day.
  • Voters in large numbers need to step up to work the polls in their communities. The electoral process belongs to the citizens, and we must take the responsibility to do our part. Election Integrity Project encourages all poll workers to take our training to augment their county training. This is the best way to assure that all lawful procedures are followed and voters and votes are protected.
  • Even though many races are “called” on election night, some are too close to call, often for two to three weeks or more. And sometimes early “calls” are wrong once all the votes are counted. Regardless, every vote deserves to be counted, and counted accurately.
  • Citizen teams need to continue to observe the processing of the rest of the mail in ballots, of which there will be many.
  • Once the mail-in ballots have been counted and voter histories updated, the processing of provisional ballots begins. Because provisional ballots are arguably a ripe source of voter fraud, citizens must be extremely vigilant during this part of the election season. Trained observers are necessary.

Become an Election Protector with Election Integrity Project

  • Read and learn the information contained in the “CA Voting 101” series.
  • Watch the training videos as they are posted at
  • Check with your County Coordinator or the Election Integrity Project website for local training meetings and volunteer observation opportunities. April and May are the months for these trainings—Don’t miss out!
  • Help us grow—invite and recruit!!

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