CA Voting 101 – Lesson 6

Welcome to CA Voting 101—Lesson Six

Reconsidering Mail Ballot Voting

We as Americans have the most rare privilege ever known in human history—to freely and fairly choose who represents us in government through a democratic process. That privilege has been taken for granted our entire lives, and seldom do we stop to think about just how astonishing it is, and how grateful we should be. When we do stop to think, we become convicted with the awareness that it is something that we must make sure never to lose. And yet, if we do not become constant guardians of the system, and be vigilant–and sometimes skeptical–of the system, corruption seeps in, doors to fraud are flung wide open, and we find ourselves subject to an electoral process that does not respect or protect our vote, and that produces potentially inaccurate results. Sadly, Election Integrity Project research over the last 5 ½ years has proven that Californians find ourselves in just that situation. There is much we can do to regain what we have lost. Together we can regain an electoral process that people trust and find worthy of their participation.

This next statement may shock many voters.

PLEASE do not stop reading. Retain an open mind, and consider our arguments:

DID YOU KNOW that VOTING BY MAIL-IN BALLOT if you have a different choice is

  • unwise
  • puts your vote at risk
  • contributes substantially to election corruption?

At we have posted a series of four articles entitled “Vote by Mail Concerns”. Rather than repeat or summarize their content here, we invite you to find those articles on our website and read them carefully. When you do, we at Election Integrity Project are confident that many of you will make a different choice. As the percentage of mail-ballot voters goes down, the opportunities for fraud and corruption will become diminished, and election integrity will begin to be restored in California. Let’s start today!