CA Voting 101 – Lesson 1

Election Integrity Project is very excited! We know you will be too!

Announcing “California Voting 101”.

The great British poet Alexander Pope once warned, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” Therefore, over the next few weeks, Election Integrity Project will be giving you “A LOT of learning”, a little bit at a time, through a series of short articles entitled, “California Voting 101”. The more you know about the system, and what unintended consequences lurk within it for the misinformed and uninformed voter, the easier it will be to protect your most rare and precious gift—choosing those who will govern you in a fair and honest process where every ballot is lawfully cast, and “Every Lawfully Cast Ballot is Accurately Counted.” So get ready to read! Watch for our emails, a couple of times a week, and YOU will be IN THE KNOW. If you find our articles valuable, pass them along to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

Every vote should be cast in a way that is secure and most likely to be counted.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE: Next month, the Election Integrity Project website will begin to post short voter information and training videos. Watch for this exciting new way to learn and train. By reading and watching each lesson, you will be prepared for any voting challenges that may come your way. In addition, should you choose to participate in Election Integrity Project’s Observer program, these lessons will serve as the vast majority of your required training. SO CONSIDER THIS “LESSON ONE”. As a way of measuring your learning, begin by downloading the posted “Test Your Voting IQ” from our website and take it as a pre-test. Leave blank any answers that stump you, and fill them in as the topics are covered in the next few weeks. The answer key will be posted at a later date. Have fun, invite others, and